Voter Registration

Step 1: A Nigerian citizen who is eligible to vote, goes to the INEC website to locate his Polling Unit
Step 2: The citizen goes to the chosen Polling Unit to register
Step 3: The citizen would have his/her picture taken and his/her details captured.
Step 4: The citizen would be given a Voter ID card which makes him/her eligible to vote on election day

Election Day

Stage 1: Accreditation

Step 1: Go to the Polling Unit you were registered with your voter registration card ad join the queue
Step 2: Present your Voter registration card to the INEC official and ensure that your name is the register
Step 3: Your finger would be marked with ink to show that you have been accredited

Stage 2: Voting

Step 1: Join the queue with the intention of casting your vote
Step 2: When it gets to your turn, ensure your name is ticked in the voter register
Step 3: You would be given a ballot paper listing out the political parties
Step 4: Enter the booth and select your preferred candidate
Step 5: Place your ballot paper in the ballot box