Demanding Accountability from Political Office Holders

The #OurVotesCount initiative is delivered using the Citizens’ Summit, an interactive platform that aims to achieve increased and improved understanding and citizen involvement in the political and governance process of the country.

Citizen Awareness

Citizen awareness on elections is important because it helps ensure that individuals understand the voting process and their rights as voters. When citizens are informed and engaged, they are more likely to participate in the democratic process and to hold elected officials accountable.

Citizen awareness on elections is an important part of creating a successful and informed electorate. This can be achieved through voter education and creating an atmosphere that encourages citizens to become involved in the election process.

Local governments can provide voters with information about the candidates and parties, voting rules, ballot issues, and how to cast their ballots. Social media campaigns, public service announcements, and door-to-door canvassing are also effective ways to raise awareness of elections and engage citizens in the process.

  • Stay informed
  • Research candidates
  • Understand voting laws and requirements
  • Get involved with volunteering

Overall, citizen awareness on elections is crucial for ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process and encouraging active participation of citizens in the democratic process.

Democracy Goes Beyond Voting Alone

The first step is to vote for credible candidates, however that is just the beginning. The Citizens’ Summit engages the Nigerian public towards the importance of promoting accountability as a check to impunity, through citizens’ participation in governance. The important duty of participation in governance starts with promoting issue based electioneering campaigns as well as building an adequately informed and empowered electorate.

How to be an informed Citizen

Stay informed

Keep up with the latest news and information on elections, candidates, and issues. This can be done by following reputable news sources, reading candidate’s platforms, and attending local debates.

Research candidates

Learn about the candidates running for office and their positions on the issues that matter to you.

Understand voting laws and requirements

Be familiar with the voting laws and requirements, including voter registration deadlines, ID requirements, and latest information on how to vote.

Get involved with volunteering

Participate in voter education and registration drives, or in poll monitoring, to help ensure that the voting process is fair and unbiased.

Attend community events and forums

Attend town hall meetings, debates, and other events to learn more about the candidates and local/national issues. These can help citizens become more informed about the election and the political process.

Online Resources

With the rise of internet and social media, citizens can access a wide range of information about the election and the candidates through online resources such as websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

Use social media to stay informed and to connect with other voters and organizations that advocate for fair and accurate voting. However, be aware of misinformation and disinformation that distorts facts.

Voter education programs

These provide citizens with information about the electoral process, the candidates, the issues, and voting procedures.

Stay informed about current events

Follow reputable news sources, both local and national, to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in politics, policy, and current events. Be aware of bias in news sources, and seek out multiple perspectives to get a well-rounded understanding of issues.

Learn about the structure of government, the roles and responsibilities of elected officials, and the laws and regulations that govern political activity.

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