Become a Citizen Reporter

Monitor and report events on election day

Are you aware of your rights?

The rights of every Nigerian citizen are entrenched in chapter four of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • Right to register
  • Right to vote and be voted for when registered
  • Right to recall an elected representative
  • Right to secrecy (privacy) when voting
  • Right to attend Rallies and Campaigns of political Parties and Candidates
  • Right to Information About Election

How You Can Get Involved

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Volunteer Program

Take action! Get In Touch with us to find volunteer opportunities that match your skills and availability. There are issues that affect all aspects of society and the economy.

PVC Collection Monitoring

Collection of PVCs across the country is still open. As you go to collect your PVCs, #OurVotesCount, report the situation at your collection centers here.

Be a Citizen Observer

For our votes to count, activities around polling stations must be monitored. 

#OurVotesCount is calling on you to join hands with other citizens to report all activities at your polling station!

Ensuring #OurVotesCount Beyond Campaign Promises

It is in the citizens’ power, and their power alone, to decide, through the ballot, the quality of leaders that will emerge.

When the citizens’ vote, they empower themselves to hold the elected representatives accountable for the promises made.

Be Aware. Be Alert. Show interest and remain inquisitive, as the price for freedom is eternal vigilance.

To ensure successful performance evaluation, the questions that must agitate our minds are, how involved are the electorate in governance? Have they been adequately consulted and integrated in policy formulation? If yes, to what extent? How have they shown interest and been involved in the implementation of decisions already taken?

The Citizens’ Summit

The #OurVotesCount initiative is delivered using the Citizens’ Summit as the Special Purpose Vehicle. The Citizens’ Summit is an interactive platform that aims to achieve increased and improved understanding and citizen involvement in the political and governance process of the country.

The Citizens’ Summit seeks to facilitate dialogue among Nigerian citizens, at home and in the Diaspora and from thence, synthesizes divergent viewpoints in order to provide a common ground to galvanize action in respect of identified socioeconomic and political problems facing our dear nation.

It is often said that “a people get the leaders they deserve”, which can be interpreted in the following ways:
The people have turned a blind eye to the excesses of their leaders and deserve the quality of governance they are served.
The (good or bad) leaders emerge in proportion to the quantum of citizens’ (good or bad) choices during elections.

Our Campaigns & Projects

Through our campaigns and projects, the NAS Citizens’ Summit, we promote accountability through Citizens’ participation in governance.

Become a Reporter

As a Citizen Reporter, you can observe the voting process and report any issues or concerns through the Our Votes Count monitoring portal.

Making Our Votes Count

We are committed to Voter Education, Election Monitoring and the Rights of the Citizens. Join us today, spread the word to friends and family.

Citizen Project Monitors

Impunity, corruption and mismanagement divert vital services away from the people. The CPMs are citizens dedicated to monitoring government projects in their localities.

State of Nigerian Embassies

In a bid to make Our Votes Count, this project is geared towards a fact based analysis of the conditions and practices at the selected Nigerian embassies around the world.

Become a Volunteer Today

We owe ourselves, our children and the generations to come, the responsibility of participating in the Fight Against Impunity.


Take Action

Building Nigeria Starts With You

All aspects of society are affected by politics in one way or another, right from the economy, security, education, healthcare, environment, culture and how we relate to our neighbours. You can play your part to build the Nigeria of your dreams by ensuring your vote counts.