Atiku Abubakar – 2019

Nov 28, 2018


The  last  three  and a half years have been the most daunting for us as a people.  Almost  all  indices  on  socio economic  and  political  development have plummeted throwing over 70% of Nigerians into unprecedented poverty, the  like  never  seen  before  since  our corporate existence as a nation. Indeed, the  last  three  and  a  half  years  have especially witnessed a deterioration of all  aspects  of  basic  human  capital development as reflected in the growing rates  of  poverty,  unemployment, economic  instability,  increasing  debt burden and increased insecurity. It has therefore  become  evident  that  those entrusted with the task of improving the lives of Nigerians are clearly not up to the task. And it is a serious task indeed!
Now that elections are upon us, Nigerians will once again have the opportunity to assess the quality of those they wish to place in charge of governance in order to bring about the desired change to the dwindling fortunes of the country which has so much promise but has not been able to fully harness the potentials  of  the  nation  to  deliver  the  benefits  of  democracy  to  most Nigerians.

The next four years will determine our future in the global space, whether we can regain our leadership role in world affairs, reverse the economic meltdown, reinstate a sense of belonging for everyone, regain our peoples’ trust to protect their lives and property, and ensure sustained prosperity.