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The #OurVotesCount initiative is delivered using the Citizens’ Summit as the Special Purpose Vehicle. Citizens’ Summit is an interactive platform that aims to achieve increased and improved understanding and citizen involvement in the political and governance process of the country.

The Citizens’ Summit seeks to facilitate dialogue among Nigerian citizens, at home and in the Diaspora and from thence, synthesizes divergent viewpoints in order to provide a common ground to galvanize action in respect of identified socioeconomic and political problems facing our dear nation.

The 2018 Citizens’ Summit focuses on Demanding Accountability from Political office Holders. It targets younger voters; individuals who, by virtue of their age have become eligible to participate in the 2019 General Elections. These are Nigerian citizens who generally fall within the “self disenfranchising” category and are known to show lack of interest in the elections process.

The Citizens' Summit hopes to engage the Nigerian public towards the importance of promoting accountability as a check to impunity, through citizens’ participation in governance. The important duty of - participation in governance starts with promoting issue based electioneering campaigns as well as building an adequately informed and empowered electorate.

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